Hand loomed sky, I stroked the soft feather wings, you are a reflection of freedom in the world by : me


The tears stream down my face,
As I begin to say good-bye,
Good-bye sunshine, good-bye dad,
Can’t say I didn’t try

Then I look into the mirror,
And see me standing there
A troubled, lost, and lonely child,
With tearstained cheeks and matted hair
Hayley Foster


The passion and rapture together we feel so on this cold black night,
Is reflected and majestically warmed by the touch of the Moon Light. Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, Schoeningen, Germany
(October 19, 2014) (Rhyme Couplet poetic format)


I’m “Lady in Red”. waves of time is my soul, and heaven is my home. I’m here to sing and knitting story for you … for lover – by me


What can I say about love that’s never been said by me or anyone else? Well, sometimes love smells like my farts, after I eat a dozen roses.
Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not for Sale

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